Happy Navruz!

  • Dear colleagues, friends, associates! First Social Network of the Civil Society of the Republic of Tajikistan congratulates you and your loved ones with the onset of one of the oldest holidays of humanity - Idi Navruz: the holiday of Spring, the holiday of awakening the Earth from winter sleep, the holiday of rebirth and flowering of Nature - the Eastern New Year of all people, of all nationalities, races and religions. Navruz is a holiday of farmers, the work and diligence of which is the key to the prosperity of all nations, at all times. Therefore, we wish everyone that every grain planted in the ground will give generous shoots, and any undertaking will bear good fruit. Let our beloved, sunny, hospitable Tajikistan become more beautiful day by day, flourishing and good with every Navruz. And in your homes, in your families, in every corner of our Homeland and in every country of the world, may there always be: well-being and prosperity, good and grace, health, success and new achievements, happiness and luck, and happy peaceful life! Happy Navruz, dear Compatriots !!!