WoW Shadowlands release date latest and patch update changes

  • Because Blizzard wants to make the new expansion more excellent and worthy of the players' expectations and love, it has already decided to postpone the release date of WoW Shadowlands. Gamers hope that with the introduction of the latest World of Warcraft patch changes, the release date can be November .

    The new release date of WoW Shadowlands is coming soon, and fans hope to Buy WOW Classic Gold schedule it next month. Blizzard has a lot of work to do now, and the pre-patches for WoW Shadowlands can now be downloaded and played. Another new update was released on October 16, which changed the Barber Shop and the game's class. This includes solving some problems of the Barber Shop previewing textures from other character models, and the problem of the Night Elf's skin tone and eye color not being displayed correctly to other players. Players can have more choices when creating characters.

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    Other changes made in the WOW Classic Gold latest World of Warcraft pre-patch are as follows. In Dungeons and Raids, Grievous and Bursting affixes now cause appropriate damage to Mythic Keystone difficulty. In Atal’Dazar. Shadowy spiders summoned by Echoes of Shadra no longer deal damage while in the Awakened affix realm on Mythic Keystone difficulty. And in Exile’s Reach, after the complaints made by Captain Garrick and Warlord Grimaxe, recruits can no longer duel with the Horde and Alliance ships. In addition, the life recovery speed of Duel and his like will be slower. Now, recruit you to the island!
    The pre-patch also solved an issue that in the Exile’s Reach Horde mission "Dungeon: Darkmaul Citadel", the goal of the dialogue with the warlord Grimaxe could not be completed.

    Fans believe that the new WoW Shadowlands release date is set for November 24th, mainly because of the idea of ​​running six weeks based on the pre-patch. Blizzard chose this date for many good reasons, especially when you consider that some people will have more time around the holidays. However, since the current global situation affects production in almost all industries, past patch releases may not be the best way to measure the future.

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