WoW: Shadowlands pre-patches are now live

  • The pre-expanded patch for WoW: Shadowlands that players have been predicting has finally been released on the North American server, and it has brought many changes and a large number of zombies. This patch, also known as 9.0.1 for short, has laid the foundation for the release of Shadowlands later this year. It can be said that it has greatly improved the way players upgrade new characters in World of Warcraft. A lot of changes have been made, which is also the final preparation for their afterlife.

    The biggest and most direct change in the game is that Blizzard has reconstructed the upgrade method and used new methods to Buy WOW Classic Gold temper the character. It is not 120 now, and the new level cap is now 60. What's more special is that instead of upgrading in an area that has been used for ten years, players start their journey in a new area called Exile's Reach. Someone played it on WoW's Beta server earlier this year, and it gave a better introduction to the appearance of modern WOW.

    If the player is a novice, after reaching level 10, the Cheap WOW Classic Gold current version of Battle for Azeroth's story will be played level by level. Or in another situation, this is not your first time to play, you can choose the previous expansion to play, which will raise you to level 50, which is also the current upper limit, and then until Shadowbringers starts.

    In addition to the new upgrade process, you may also notice a lot of zombies around Azeroth. This is thanks to the pre-expansion event, which recreated some of the glory of Wrath of the Lich King by releasing the undead plague in Azeroth. Players can participate in activities and get a lot of loot and time-critical rewards, of course, you can have your own ideas, either become a zombie yourself or undead horde.

    Although it is exciting that the 9.0.1 patch is finally released, we don't know when other Shadowlands will appear. Blizzard postponed the expansion of the original October 26 release date, but did not disclose the new release date, but it is still in progress later this year. All we can do is play well with the existing ones and look forward to the official release of the new expansion.

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