World of Warcraft’s mysteriously missing void cat Jenafur has finally been found

  • As early as September 2019, A void cat pet called Jenafur was added to the Battle for Azeroth expansion by Blizzard in the game. Since then, players have been trying to find her, but didn't encounter a stumbling block until two days ago, when new official tips paved the WOW Classic Gold way for a solution. After a year of searching, the secret hunter of World of Warcraft finally found the mysterious Void Cat pet.
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    Let's start from the beginning. The player has completed the first step of this puzzle exploration: talk to an elf named Amara Lunastar in Ashenvale, tell her that you will always be vigilant, and then start looking for her missing cat. After searching around in the virtual world, the World of Warcraft Classic Gold player has worked out the second step: visit the house of the crazy catwoman Donni Anthania in Elwynn Forest. In fact, it is very simple to think about! . In her house is an empty food bowl with two "kibbles" next to it. The player uses a straight line to link the two pieces of kibbles together, extends it beyond the kibble, and then uses it to find the next position: the dungeon, Karazhan in Deadwind Pass, the Eastern Kingdoms

    However, it was inside Karazhan that the player hit the wall. Facts have proved that Secret Hunters on Discord spent a lot of time collecting data, proposing theories, and testing them in eight months. Until yesterday, they failed to produce Jenafur. That nasty cat!

    Later, more official hints appeared, perhaps hoping to promote community development in the right direction. They failed. Then, this latest tip finally solved the problem:

        Two piles of treats
        Set the 4/4 beat
        The rest of the stanza
        Is lined up neat
        Upon the tiles
        You place your notes
        Eight morsels make the music
        That our musician wrote

    That piece of music was "Amara's Wish", and Paul theorized that it was a game sound effect that was data-mined in September 2019. Players once thought that "Amara's Wish" would become part of the reward for completing the task, that is to say, it will play and finally find Jenafur, but Paul realized that this is actually the key to the solution itself. Paul finally found the cat.

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